Current version

You can get current version from redelivery terminal in 6DOO main store

*6DOO* Human mesh head HUCI-01

—– V.1.51

Aligned all layers

Fixed animation

Fixed ears shape

Add holes to erase ears.

Fixed UV distortion of makeup layer

*6DOO*  Control HUD for Human head

—– V.1.32

*6DOO* HUCI-01 neck fix

—– V.1.1

*6DOO* bento mesh teeth and tongue

—–Ver1.31 small,medium


*6DOO* basic headless skin


*6DOO* basic headless skin nailless



*6DOO* HEAD Creator kit


:modifiable head statue for creator is changed.

includes script

—–*6DOO* mesh head -Applier Button Ver.2.0


*6DOO* Human mesh head HUCI-01

—– V.1.35change-layer1


—– V.1.26

:Some UV map is fixed.

Tattoo layer changed to whole head.

Expanded range of hair base layer.

Neck fix is removed from head.Included separately.

OMEGA script is updated.

and some fixed.